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Modern,Vintage and Collectible Cameras

35mm Rangefinder and SLR-Medium format 645/6x6/6x7/6x9 - Large Format - 4x5/8x10 and Larger!

Panoramic cameras Digital cameras

Motion Picture and Movie cameras: Super 8, Hi8, 16mm and 35mm

Daguerreotype cameras and images

Subminiature and Spy cameras

all kinds of Photographic Equipment

Optics,Binoculars, Microscopes and other scientific Instruments

Men's Watches

Antiques,Collectibles, all sort of Eclectics and Unusual Things

Large Estates or even a single Item

Alpa - Zeiss - Leica - Nikon - Canon - Bolex - Arriflex - Hasselblad - Rolleiflex - Minox

Pentax - Olympus - Mamiya - Bronica - Graflex - Linhof - Horseman - Deardorff - more

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